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Oh how I love newborns! Baby Wyatt – 9 days old and as cute as ever!!! The perfect addition to a perfect family =) Congratulations to the Krentz-Jones family for having the cutest kids ever!!


What do you get when you cross a Pug and a Beagle ?? A puggle! My first furry guest is Miss.Bailey the pug =) She was such a great sport during our photo shoot last weekend! (With a little help from cheese-strings! My second guest – Miss.Elly the puggle was equally as fabulous and was even showing off with some special tricks! (BANG!) Thanks you guys!


I first heard of Canada’s Canine Academy through my veterinarian clinic and I thought it sounded like the perfect place to help me with my dog . Bella had been misbehaving at the dog park – getting in fights for no reason, extremely dominant and very protective of myself and my husband.It was getting so bad that I had to stop socializing Bella because she was becoming a threat to other animals. I was soooo upset because we used to love going to the park with the other puppies. I called Canada’s Canine Academy and explained the situation and they recommended I come in for a consultation.

When I got there Dawn (the owner) and Sam (her assistant) sat down with us while we explained the whole situation. After a few short tests (bringing other dogs in the room while we were there, having us leave and bringing the same dogs in the room) they discovered that Bella was only agressive when Chris and I were in the room with her and it was her way of trying to protect us from the other dogs. It was soooo sad! I had tears in my eyes, wondering what I had done and how we could fix it! Most doggie daycares practically hung up the phone when I said that my dog was “sometimes agressive” but Dawn and Sam were up to the challenge! They started Bella off in group daycare with a muzzle and little by little incorperated her into the group. I am proud to say that Bella is now in daycare 1x or 2x a week with NO MUZZLE! And she plays with other dogs – no fighting !!! It’s absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have done it without Canada’s Canine Academy!

Not only do they do rehabilitation daycare but they do regular doggie daycare, obedience classes, animal movie training, and lots more!

I was thrilled when they asked me to provide them with some doggie portraits to hang in their office. I couldn’t have done it without you guys !!!

To all my loyal blog followers – If you need doggie daycare, obedience classes, or anything else to do with dog care – call Dawn at Canada’s Canine Academy! 333-2RUF !!

Enjoy 🙂