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Happy Birthday Gavin! :: Winnipeg Portrait Photographer

Seriously! I have a 3 year old! This is so crazy. The last 3 years has gone by so fast. Too fast? Yes! But honestly, I love watching this little guy turn into a boy! I know some people wish their babies will stay babies forever but I really love watching him grow! He is a walking, talking, trouble-maker ….yes I just said that! The last few months have been somewhat challenging… On one hand, he is the funniest sweetest smartest little 3 year old I know…but on the other hand, he is so so emotional (I think he cries more than Kate!), slightly jealous of his baby sister, and like to cause trouble! I know it will all even out this year – He will get his emotions under control and realize that Miss.Kate isn’t going anywhere so it’s best to share with her instead of push her around! For now we will work on setting rules, being consistent and giving him as much one on one love as we can!

A few things I always want to remember…Gavin is a daddy’s boy….always has been! He will choose Chris any day! Sometimes it makes me sad, but the other part of me is so so happy he has such a strong connection with Chris! He loves Paw patrol, any of the Ice Age movies, and fire-trucks! He has SO many friends and loves getting together with them! Gavin started pre-school in January and so far he is loving it. I think everyone is a bit older than him so he has to work on acting like a big boy (and not kicking towers down that other kids build!). He loves his teachers and loves talking about the new “big girls and boys” that he is friends with.He loves his sister…although he is rough with her. Too rough!!!! But he loves her. They are really starting to play together, make each other laugh, and  a few times I have caught them holding hands in the back seat. Seriously! So precious!

Anyways, enjoy these pics of my favorite little 3 year old in his new big boy “space” room!